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Authentic natural wooden rosary beads made the traditional way for hundreds of years in Bethlehem. These rosary beads have a finished, smooth feel which is pleasant to the touch while praying and have a pleasing and unique scent and can fit over the head for wearing. Made by carpenters in Bethlehem, these wooden rosary beads are made with the annual trimmings of natural olive trees and each piece is unique in colour and grain.


✔ FREE Drawstring storage bag included.
✔ Holy Land Olive Wood Certificate of Authenticity.
✔ Made of: Natural Olive Wood. Nylon Rope.
✔ Dimensions: 46cm full length.
✔ Crucifix Dimensions: 5cm x 3cm x 0.5cm.
✔ Number of beads: 59 beads.
✔ Bead size: 10mm and 8mm.
✔ Made in: Bethlehem, Israel.
✔ Blessed in: Bethlehem, Alter of Nativity.


10mm beads: ROS11OLW
8mm beads: ROS118OLW

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