Budded Crucifix with Elements

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The three-disk shapes creating the buds at the end of each arm symbolise the holy trinity of the faith: God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. On each arm of the cross is a clear circular display where elements from the holy land are stored inside (the elements differ in a variety of coloured Hojari Frankincense, Holy Soil from the mount of olives or Olive Leaf, making each combination unique). This cross truly stands out anywhere it's mounted. This cross is a handheld size and includes an Easy Adhesive Cross Hanging Hook© modified to fit into the existing mounting hole on the back of the cross. The hook holds the cross flush to the wall and makes hanging the cross a quick and easy step. Made by carpenters in Bethlehem, this wooden cross is made with the annual trimmings of natural olive trees and each piece is unique in colour and grain.


✔ FREE Easy Adhesive Cross Hanging Hook© included.
✔ Holy Land Olive Wood Certificate of Authenticity.
✔ Made of: Natural Olive Wood.
✔ Dimensions: 13cm x 9.5cm x 2cm.
✔ Made in: Bethlehem, Israel.
✔ Blessed in: Bethlehem, Alter of Nativity.



Customer Reviews

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Beautifully crafted.

Ordered this last Friday and received it today, Thursday - quick delivery! The cross is beautifully crafted with great colour of the wood. It will be a nice gift to a sister who I am sure she will appreciate the work gone into it.

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